Spring Marathon? Don’t run before you can stand!

Dont Run before you can Stand

How long do you spend on one leg when you run?

With a decent pace the answer is ‘the whole time’!

So, all you seasoned runners should be able to stand on one leg fine then?

Let’s use a fast, easy test to examine your flawless and injury free technique (and check that hopefully special brew isn’t your pre-run drink of choice).

Standing on one leg, squat down and up with your raised leg behind you.

This is an exaggerated running stride. If you are unbalanced, get pain, poke your standing hip out, or your knee comes across, you are likely losing power and tempting injury*.

You may even find it is the source of a niggle you have.

Post a video of yourself or visit us for a full functional assessment.

Alex Horne Chiropractic – A hop, skip and a squat towards better performance.

*Functionally Flummoxed?

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