Rowing and leg press machine warning!

It appears ‘tis the season to slip a disc in London. Our Chiropractors have seen a string of disc injuries recently, relating to rowing and leg press machines.

Any position which creates high or repetitive forces to the lower back whilst bent forward puts your discs at risk of prolapse or ‘slipping’, such as with rowing or leg press.

Bear in mind that you could be doing damage before you feel pain, especially if you’re not stabilizing yourself correctly. Over time, cartilage fibers lose their strong criss­cross pattern and become aligned, making them weaker and more at risk from tears or ‘slips’ (Check out more about discs).

Warming up properly with some gentler body weight exercises will help guard against these injuries, however, technique is fundamentally important for both activities. If  you’re not sure how to do it, seek professional advice and in the mean time don’t push them too hard!

Leg press especially starts you off in a more difficult position, squats are safer because you will begin in a safer posture, i.e. standing.

If you need help or advice, you know where to find me.

Alex Horne Chiropractic – ­ Don’t let it slip!

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