4 Minutter Hofte og Kne Allsidig Hjemmetrening

4 minutter hjemmetrening.

Kom lett i gang med disse 5 enkle hjemmeøvelsene. Slik kan du trene med meg og slippe turen til treningsenteret hvis du vil.

Jeg tar 8 repitisjoner/side. Men du kan ta opp til 15 hvis du ønsker. Anbefaler du tar 2-4 sett.

  1. Sideutfall
  2. Bakutfall i flere retninger
  3. Bekkenhev
  4. Hoftespark
  5. Golfer’s Løft

Gjør dem lettere eller advanser slik det passer deg.

God trening!

Folg @hofteogkne123 på instagram for kort versjonen

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The Clinic is Open!

Monday 20th April 2020
I’m really glad to be back to work! @lysakerkiropraktorklinikk is officially open again.
We have been working hard to get the Health institutes rules in place, so I was really happy to start seeing patients again today.
We still have some available appointments left this week, so visit https://lysakerkiropraktor.makeplans.net/ to book online.

Ankle Mobility: Immediate Results!

Simply roll the exercise band over the leg bone onto the talus and mobilize for 1-2 minutes.

This can help improve ankle mobility and symptoms almost immediately. Compare your before and after results!

Recent or lingering ankle sprains can give you discomfort, instability or even a feeling a weakness at the front of the ankle. Mobility exercises can reduce these symptoms by improving the function of the ankle. It should not replace full management by a professional, however my experience is that this is very effective.

How did your ankle get on? Comment below:

Performance Testing: Injury Prevention for Athletes

Try this simple 5 minute home test to find our your risk of injury, and your lower limb performance.

The Y-balance test is well documented to highlight functional differences between limbs, which can often occur after injuries like ankle sprain, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and ACL tears.

It can also give athletes a great pre-season baseline score for comparison against future injuries.

Challenge your friends and teammates and share your score on your club website.

My forward reach was 96.14%.

Good luck and stay safe out there!

3 Best Exercises to Alleviate Morning Back Stiffness (And why astronauts are so tall).